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Frequently Asked Poetry Questions

Why Use Our Tips?

Whether you have used an marketing agency or freelancer before, you’ll know that it can be difficult to find a service provider you can trust.

We operate a little different from other digital agencies, with our three biggest selling points according to our clients:

  • We are passionate about marketing
  • We are up-front and honest, (honestly!)
  • We communicate to our clients using jargon-free language

We guarantee you will have have a single-point of contact throughout your contract, meaning nothing gets lost like it can do with larger agencies.

This more personal service will translate into results for your business – as we get to know your website and services inside out we can offer a bespoke solution tailored to your needs.

As certified Google specialists, you can trust us with your website whether it’s on Magento, Shopify, WordPress or any other platform. However, as Shopify Partners we specialise with optimising sites on this platform in particular.

What does an marketing specialist do?

Marketing in itself is a huge field, and any specialist will need to have an array of skills in order to rank sites effectively.

You may be looking for a technical marketing specialist; copywriter; website UX expert or link-building specialist as these are all important skills for an experienced practicioner.

In fact, due to the ever-changing nature of working in marketing, it’s more important the specialist is keeping up-to-date with the latest trends than anything else.

Below are some of the main tasks a marketing expert will perfom on your site:

Technical Website Audit

The main focus of an SEO audit is to understand the technical issue which may be holding the site back from performing well on search engines. With over 200 ranking factors, there’s too many to mention here, but any good SEO specialist will be able to pinpoint the specific problems and suggest fixes for these.

Keyword Research & Targeting

Researching the top keywords for the site based on keyword volume and relevance provides the basis for the creation of meta titles, descriptions and on-page content to increase your visibility for those keywords. This is a vital part of any SEO project, and something any SEO consultant should be well-versed in!

Content Marketing & Link-Building

Implementing a content strategy designed to both rank for long-tail search terms and build links is a vital skill for any freelance SEO, now closely linked with digital PR. By increasing traffic for these pages and generating backlinks, in-turn rankings for ‘money pages’ will increase.